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For the responsible gun owner.


USPTO Patent Pending

Application Number: 18/516,316

Tactical Advantages

The CASTLELOCK design is secure, quick-detachable, and reliable.



With the latest biometric locking technology, the Castlelock™ prevents unwanted users from accessing your firearm. With a Castlelock, firearm owners sleep easy knowing that their firearm is secure and that a bullet cannot be fired without the proper biometric fingerprint activation.


Quick Access

The Castlelock™ is designed so firearm owners have access to their ready firearm when they need it. With a Castlelock, the firearm can go from a secure state to a ready-to-fire state in less than 2 seconds. Our chamber-locking design allows for various states of defense readiness without compromising on security.



The Castlelock™ utilizes tried and true biometric locking technology that has over a 99% accuracy read for when you need the firearm the most. The Castlelock™ includes an emergency unlock function. Our design is pending Department of Justice approval as a certified Firearm Safety Device (FSD).

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